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What If I Am Not Sure On My Group Size?

That's totally fine! We can't blame you... It's sometimes hard to get firm commitments and RSVP's.

We always recommend reserving for the MAX amount of players you are inviting so that you can hold the slots. Ensuring we do not fully sell out the time you are interested in.

After you get confirmation from the group you can simply call us or chat with us here on the site about lowering your reservations player count.

You are allowed to change the number of players up to 2 days before your actual event. Giving you time to get responses back from other players in your group.

How Many Paintballs Do We Need?

This is a very popular question and it's really dependent on a few important factors. First, consider how "trigger happy" your players may be. Typically younger players will use more paintballs per hour than adults would. This is the main factor to consider when choosing your paintball amount.

Often when booking a special event like a birthday party, team building event, or bachelor party most groups will choose an option with at least 500 per player.

Keep in mind that you can always purchase more paintballs on site if your group runs out of their initial amount.

Are The Full Body Protection Packages Worth It?

We most commonly see groups with youth players, teenage players, or players who may be a little scared to play upgrading to get full body protection.

These packages include a padded vest, padded gloves, and padded neck guards. Which are going to lessen the impact of the paintball on your body.

Remember that our facility is exclusively using the lower-impact paintballs already. So these items are not necessary but may make your players feel more confident and comfortable playing.

Can We Bring Our Own Food If We Don't Add Pizza and Drinks?

Yes! We allow outside food for groups booking packages directly with us.

You can view our entire food policy here on the website.

If pizza isn't your thing we have a much more extensive menu to choose from when you arrive.

You will not pre-order your food so don't worry about that. You can simply order from our full menu on arrival if you wish to get more than just pizza.

Can We Play Just Against Our Own Group?

We offer the option to book a "Private Party" to groups who book a group package with 10 or more players. To book a private group you must do so at the original time of booking and the additional fee to do so is $99. To learn more about the difference between private parties and public parties simply click here.

If you are bringing kids or beginners and cannot upgrade to private games don't worry! Our facility is only available to other beginners who are all using the same gear and play in a highly supervised and controlled environment! It's actually more common to have fun playing with others than just your group.

What Is Your Coupon Club About?

Our Coupon Club is the most easy way to guarantee you are getting the best possible rate for your paintball outing.

We allow coupon club members the ability to obtain special pricing and booking bonuses for simply registering.

Upon registering we will text you our current incentives and we will even assign you a personal booking agent who will assist you during the booking process.

What Is The Deposit Policy?

Paying your deposit is the only way to ensure you have an actual reservation at SD Paintball. We do not save any reservations without a deposit attached to them. Our deposits are non-refundable but they are transferrable if you need to re schedule your event to a different date.

This ensures that only groups that are committed to coming in and playing are allowed the best pricing, the best availability, without any wait times.