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Use Paintball as a Team Building Exercise

Below you can learn about our team building events in depth. Simply select the topic you want to learn about below and you will be directed to the part of the page answering questions on that topic.

How much does it cost?

Team building events vary in price depending on a few factors. The main difference that drives price changes is the amount of paintballs you wish for each player to start out with. Packages start at $29 per player which includes all the required equipment and 200 paintballs per player. We also offer packages with more paintballs. To calculate your groups package price you can build your package HERE.

We also offer weekly specials and booking incentives which you can register for HERE.

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What is low impact paintball?

We made a video to help explain the differences between normal paintball and low-impact paintball. The general difference is this… Our paintballs are smaller and lighter than your typical paintballs which means that when they hit you they hurt less. Pretty simple huh? Why would you want to play something that is going to hurt more? We ALWAYS recommend playing low-impact over normal paintball as a rental player. That's why at our park we exclusively supply low-impact equipment to enhance the beginner players experience. So if you have members of the office who may be hesitant to try paintball, be sure to let them know we are low-impact!

Can we reserve table space?

It’s already done for you! As long as your group has booked a reservation with us, using one of our group packages you will have table space provided.

Our seating area is filled with 6 foot long picnic tables. With durable table covers provided.

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How long does the party last for?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and it’s a hard one to answer exactly… The reason why we cannot give EXACT times is because groups shoot through their paintballs at different rates. Also, some groups do not do food on site and some do.

Our most popular team building configuration is 1,000 paintballs per player with a group doing food after playing will last around 3 hours in total. Usually around 1.5-2 hours of playtime and 1-1.5 hours of food time.

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Can we bring in outside food? Can you provide food?

Yes, outside food is allowed and we also offer the option to have us provide food for the group.

Our lowest cost to cater your event is $6 per person who you wish to feed. They will each receive 2 slices of pizza (cheese or pepperoni) and a drink of their choice.

We can also provide a variety of other catering options from different vendors we work with. Anything can be catered from Mexican to BBQ to Chinese food! Contact our sales department today to learn more about our full list of catering options.

For our full food policy guide please click HERE.

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How do I book my party? How far in advance should we try to book?

To book your reservation you can complete it online HERE.

If you prefer to book via phone or still have questions you can always call us at 858-410-0037 and we are happy to assist.

We always recommend booking as far in advance as possible as we do regularly sell out. Especially on weekends and for private parties.

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What if we want to play privately?

If you want to play your games separate of other public groups, we have here at the park, then you will need to setup your reservation as a private party. For a flat $99 fee your group will be able to play separate games than the normal public matches going on at the park. Please note you will need to have 10 players minimum to book private games and these reservations are subject to availability.

If you are booking a private party for a large group (20+ players) or would like to book on a Monday-Thursday. We can usually waive the private games fee for your group. Let your booking rep know if this applies to your group!

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Why indoor paintball? What are the main advantages?

Indoor paintball offers many advantages when it comes to team building events. Here are just a few reasons why our indoor model is much better fitting for corporate outings.

  1. Indoor paintball offers you the peace of mind that in case of bad weather, your event won’t be cancelled or affected.
  2. Indoor paintball games are run much more efficiently than outdoor games. This means you play more games, in less time.
  3. Indoor paintball provides players a level ground arena with much safer conditions than outdoor paintball. When playing outdoors there are many more things to consider as hazards. This means snakes, bugs, jumping over sharp obstacles like tree stumps and brush.
  4. Our location is much easier to get to and we are significantly more centrally located than outdoor options. You won’t spend much on gas to get here and won’t need a car wash after your party is over.
  5. Outdoor paintball courses are so large in size that most of the paintballs your players shoot won’t even reach the opponent's side… Meaning, most of your paintballs are wasted, shooting at players your gun won’t reach.
  6. This is perhaps the most important factor to consider… Most outdoor parks will mix beginner players who rent equipment with others who are experienced with their own upgraded guns. This can provide a horrible experience for most kids and first time players as they are outmatched and outgunned in their games.
  7. We only match beginners with other beginners who are all using the same low-impact equipment. We provide the most beginner and kid friendly environment in our industry.

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Can we bring guests who aren't playing?

We do allow groups to have spectators and guests at their event. To view our entire spectator policy please click HERE.

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What should players wear to paintball? Does the "paint" wash out?

What we most often recommend players to wear during their session is something loose fitting like sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt with regular tennis shoes. Something important to mention is that the "paint" inside our paintballs is not actually paint but simply a mixture that resembles paint that is water based. This residue is non-staining, non-toxic, and 100% safe for you and your clothing.

If you are really worried about getting your clothes a little messy, we recommend renting a set of coveralls during check-in. They are cheap to rent, easy to put on over your clothing, and a simple way to avoid the mess.

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Paintball Team Building Event

Too often, corporate team building has become a time for employees to compete as an individual (e.g., go-carts) or to just socialize (e.g., visit a brewery), rather than a time to experience growth as a group.

Bring your employees to our great indoor climate-controlled facility for an activity that will:

  • Build your employees into a more close-knit team,
  • Help your employees communicate better with each other, and
  • Ensure your employees have a blast!

At San Diego Paintball Park, our customer service team will introduce your employees to the fun, camaraderie, and strategy of low-impact paintball. SDPP brought low-impact paintball to California and we are the experts at using it for team building.

Let us WOW you with the benefits of playing at our facility:

  • Low-impact paintball means employees of all ages and genders will have fun because they don’t have to worry about getting hurt and can just have fun!
  • An indoor arena means the event will never be postponed for weather.
  • Our Kearny Mesa location means the event is likely within 30 minutes of your office.
  • Playing at SDPP means that all aspects of the activity are taken care of by our staff.

Check out our discounted group rates for any size event and check out the FAQ page for general information.

If you would like to include food at the event, see our Food Options page to see our guidelines and to see how we can arrange for food from a local small business that creates delicious fresh items for our customers.

Call us today to discuss how our experienced staff can facilitate a series of fun team-oriented games organized just for your group.