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Walk-In Pricing

Individual Player Prices

At San Diego Paintball Park we offer 3 different individual player packages that are perfect for every type of player.

Our Standard Package is great for shorter visits and for players who prefer to not use extra protective items such as the neck guard and gloves. It comes with 500 paintballs which will typically last 1-2 hours for the average player.

The Full Experience is meant for players who truly want to experience our paintball park in it's fullest form. This package includes every protective item we offer along with an incredible 1,000 paintballs! This amount of paintballs allows the player to leave it all on the field without worrying about running out of ammo.

Our Annual Rental Membership is the best option for players looking to enjoy our facility year round. With unlimited entrance and rentals (including protective items) this is 100% guaranteed our best overall value for those of you who wish to make paintball a new hobby. The only purchase that you make when you have this membership is the paintballs themseleves.

Hours of Operation