Paintball Birthday Parties

Paintball Birthday Parties in San Diego

When it comes to throwing a very special paintball birthday party there really is no one better to call... We have thrown literally thousands of paintball birthday parties over the years and we like to think we have it down.

Dont' just take our word for it though... Check out some of our past customers thoughts!

Frequently Asked Birthday Questions

Since we do so many birthday groups at San Diego Paintball Park we get a lot of questions as you can imagine... Here are a few favorites below.

Can I bring in outside food and drink?

The only outside food allowed free of charge is cake, cupcakes, or donuts. All other outside food is allowed with a $15 outside food charge. As for drinks we allow outside drinks that have closeable tops on them. This should be obvious but we should also mention no alcohol is allowed on the premesis. However, Societe Brewery is next door and they have an award winning tasing room!

What is the age requirement?

The minimum age allowed to play is 6 years old. Some children may be considered to small to play if they are unable to hold the gun correctly. For most this is not an issue.

How long are the parties?

This depends on the package you go with but most groups will go for 2-3 hours in total.

Is there a seating area? What can I setup?

Absolutely! We have the absolute best party seating of any paintball facility in California. We offer a climate controlled indoor seating area with picnic tables. No more serving cake out in a dusty parking lot or in an unkept warehouse.

Why Is Paintball Good for Birthdays?

Because it's FUN! Isn't your birthday meant to be a day speant having fun doing something that you wouldn't normally do? We think so at least.

What if I am Bringing Less than 6 Players?

That is totally fine! We offer packages that are priced per player as well as our 6+ player group packages you will see below. If you are checking out with one of our per player packages just enter the code "birthday" at chekout. You'll see a special discount just because you took the time to read this.

Discounted Group Birthday Packages With 6 or More Players