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How It Works

How Does This Paintball Thing Work?

We get this question literally every day. The process is quite simple. So I will outline it for you below in a step-by-step format. Remember to contact us if you have any other questions.

Buying Your Tickets: How It Works

Step 1- View your group package options by clicking HERE.

Step 2- Once you pick a package, complete the reservation form HERE.

Step 3- Our team will call you right away to complete your purchase and verify your play date.

IMPORTANT- Reservations are NOT REQUIRED but are highly recommended. You can guarantee your start time by making one. Otherwise, we take in groups based on availability. Group discount rates are not available for same-day reservations, they must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.


Preparing for Paintball: How It Works

Step 1- Bring comfortable loose fitting clothing. The ideal clothing includes: a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and tennis shoes. NOTHING will stain as long as you wash the clothing within a few days of playing. We only use water-based paintballs with no actual paint in them.

Step 2- Arrive for your reservation or desired start time 10-15 minutes early. We must give a safety briefing to all players and get you geared-up to play. This takes time. Come early to get in the action faster!

Step 3- Are you meeting people here? Make sure that everyone in your group has the correct directions for getting here. You can get custom directions to the park by just clicking HERE.

IMPORTANT- Paintball is FUN! Don't forget to bring a good attitude to the park. You will only enjoy your experience if you allow yourself to do so. If you feel scared, afraid, anxious, or nervous then just remember that paintball is safer than just about any other sport you can play. Simply follow the rules and, most of all, trust that we will keep you safe by providing a fun safety-oriented environment.


The Actual Games: How It Works

Once you have been safety-briefed and have your equipment in hand, you are now ready to play. Depending on your play package and how your group is set up you will either be playing with just your group or with other public groups. To learn more about how to play private games with just your group, give us a call.

You will head onto the field, the referees will explain the game, and you will be split up into two teams. Each team will go to their side of the field and prepare for the game to start.

Each game will have a specific objective depending on what your group decides to play.

Some of our game types include:

Capture the Flag


Protect the President

Buzzer Beater (A Personal Favorite)

King of the Hill


IMPORTANT- A lot of people ask us. How many games will we play? The answer to that is hard to determine and here is why... Each group and each set of games will be different. Some groups shoot at a faster rate and some game types take longer than others.

What you NEED to know...

Because San Diego Paintball Park is an indoor facility you will play many more games in a short period of time compared to an outdoor park. When you play outdoors they will say you have all day to play... and trust me, you will need it. You may have to walk over 1/4 mile to and from the fields. Sounds tiring to me. I would rather walk 50 feet from the lobby to the playing field.

Just another reason why we offer the optimal paintball experience in San Diego.