Best Beginner Paintball Experience

At San Diego Paintball Park we are defenders of those who are new to the game of paintball. We offer the world’s first low-impact and beginner-exclusive paintball experience.

We cater to the beginner in the following ways:

  • We specialize in low-impact paintball
  • We do not mix new players with more experienced players
  • Our referees always have safety as their first priority
  • Our referees offer personalized tips and strategies to all players

Low-impact advantage

Low-impact paintball is a fantastic introduction to the game. Our low-impact games feature smaller paintballs that are slower, easier to dodge, easier to shoot, and less painful when you get hit. Low-impact paintball equipment is easier to use, so with less complexity, you can jump right into the sport and easily play from the start.

The science behind shooting a smaller projectile is relatively straightforward. When you fire a paintball, the gun produces energy to push the ball toward the target. A large paintball requires a great deal of energy in comparison to a small paintball. Because low-impact paintball guns expend less energy, there is less recoil. When firing multiple shots, this decrease in recoil allows the shooter to remain accurate.


Beginners play with beginners

Our referees uphold a high standard of professionalism, ensuring that teams are as fair as possible and that everyone is having fun and playing safe. Their job is to facilitate play in the safest way possible and to remove any players from the game that are making it unsafe for themselves or the others around them. We do not mix beginners with advanced players to keep the games fair and enjoyable.

Safety first

We require each player to run through two safety briefings before they play:

  • One briefing, before getting their equipment, to explain basic safety regulations and proper use of the equipment
  • A second briefing on the field that covers more specifics of the play area safety and game rules

With these discussions, we seek to teach our players that our goal is for them to be as safe as possible, while still having a great time playing paintball.


The most important safety rule is that all players wear a protective face mask at all times when they are on the paintball field.

  • Our masks are of the highest quality, with comfortable foam around the eyes/nose area, and with dual pane anti-fog lenses that keep the player's vision clear at all times.
  • Our masks are equipped with chin straps that we require everyone to use. The strap prevents the possibility of the mask falling off for any reason and it reminds players that the mask must stay on.
  • Masks are included with every package at no extra cost and we thoroughly clean and sanitize them after every use, no matter how brief the usage might be.

In addition to the mask, we have other rules that are integral to player safety:

  • Our strict 50-yard line rule. This denies players from the opposing team to pass over the center line, meaning that nobody will get shot point-blank or in the back.
  • Our strict ban on blind-firing. This means players cannot stick out their gun from behind cover and shoot without looking. Blind firing makes the entire field unsafe, as the player doesn't know if they're shooting the referees, their teammates, or the players that are out on the sidelines. The referees are always watching out for blind-firing and they put a stop to it immediately.
  • Our strict requirement for barrel plugs between games.


Helpful referees

The staff at San Diego Paintball Park wants to share their love of the game with our customers. Our referees will often offer personalized tips and strategies with you between games. Feel free to ask any of our customer service staff if you ever have a question about the game, equipment, or strategy.
Low-impact paintball is an excellent choice for those that are trying to learn the game. So why isn't low impact paintball common? Unfortunately, many fields do not offer low-impact paintball. If you are searching for the perfect place to play low-impact paintball, then you should contact us today. We will help you learn more about this fantastic game so that you can enjoy the action and excitement of paintball.