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What to Wear When Playing Paintball

What to Bring Paintballing. What Should You Wear?

When coming to San Diego Paintball Park there are a few things to remember and one of those is what to bring for your paintball experience. Below we have compiled a small list of items and clothing suggestions to help you make the most of your time with us playing paintball.

Top 3 Items to Bring to Paintball

1- Camera or Action Camera

One item that we suggest all players bring is a camera or an action camera if they are able to. Whether you want to use your cell phone camera or a GoPro style action camera we always suggest you bring something to capture all the fun you will have playing paintball. We also allow groups to take photos on the field after they are done playing. We also like when players tag us in their photos so we can share them on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages!

Paintball GoPro


2- Water or Sports Drink

Paintball is the same as any other physical activity where you are constantly moving around. You need to stay hydrated! Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids before arriving so that your body does not become dehydrated while on the field playing. We do offer drinks for sale on site but we always want to remind our customers of the importance of staying hydrated!

Paintball Powerade


3- Extra Cash

Imagine going to Disneyland and paying the admission then going into the park with no extra money. If you show up to paintball like this you may feel the same disappointment. We have tons of add ons that can not only help make your experience better but also more memorable. Whether its buying some snacks and drinks at our snack bar or buying extra paintballs and paint grenades you should always be prepared for some additional costs. Nothing is mandatory obviously but we truly do believe that our customers will have a better experience if they do keep in mind that we offer these additional items to enhance your experience.

Paintball Cash


What to Wear to Paintball

1- T-Shirt or Longsleeve

At San Diego Paintball Park we specialize in low-impact paintball which is great for beginner players who are still renting equipment. With this being said our paintballs hurt up to 75% less than a standard sized round you will find at other paintball parks in San Diego. Don’t worry about layering up with 3 shirts and a parka made for the Arctic freeze. Instead come in with a t-shirt and have some fun. We also offer short sleeve and long sleeve shirts for sale and padded jerseys for rent if you absolutely need that extra cushion.

Paintball long sleeve shirt


2- Long Pants or Sweatpants

Paintball is a physical game no doubt but part of the fun at San Diego Paintball Park is taking advantage of our artificial turf. Our cushioned turf is an awesome playing surface that you can run, slide, dive, and crawl on. Avoid irritating your knees and legs by wearing proper loose fitting long pants or sweatpants. The baggier the better we say.

Paintball Sweatpants


3- Running Shoes or Active Shoes

Sandals are 100% not allowed to be worn during play at San Diego Paintball Park so we implore you to bring in proper footwear. Your standard running shoe or active life shoe will be great for paintball. We do not allow cleats in our facility.

Paintball Nike Shoes