What the Heck is Paintball?

What is Paintball and How Can it be My Next Event?

Paintball is becoming a very popular sport as the industry is getting more and more mainstream. People young and old enjoy this glorified version of tag. It is fun, exciting and burns energy. It can also be a great option for your next group event. Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate building activity or your subsequent youth group event, paintball is a versatile option. Following, find the basics of the game and different groups it relates to.

What is Paintball? 

In layman terms, paintball is a game of tag using balls filled with colored gel. These gel balls are fired by a marker (gun) using compressed air as a propellant. There are basic safety rules and versions of the game. Below, is a breakdown of each.

1. Safety: Safety is always top priority during the paintball game. With the use of boundaries and protective gear, paintball is a very safe sport. Actuallypaintball is safer than bowling statistically speaking.

  • Clothing/Mask: It is recommended to wear long-sleeve shirts while engaging in a game. Keep in mind, there are a lot of crawling and diving involved. In addition, every player is required to wear a protective mask. Others choose to wear additional defensive equipment, such as, chest protector, gloves and neck protector. These are all able to be rented out piece by piece.
  • Boundaries: There are always boundaries marked before the start of the game. This keeps the players in a general area to make the game run smoothly.
  • Blind Firing and Surrendering: Players should not fire blindly, which is closing eyes or firing without any target. In addition, you must always allow players to surrender when they choose to.
  • Dead Zone: Once a player is hit, they should immediately find the dead zone. This is a place the player can be out of the play zone and not be hit by a paintball.

2. Game Versions and Objectives: There are several versions of paintball, and each has its own objective. Following, are a few of the different types.

  • Elimination Game: Simply, the object of this game is to eliminate the other team’s players. A player is eliminated once hit by a paintball.
  • Capture the Flag: This tends to be the most popular and fund version to play. Each team has a “flag” which is positioned at the base. The base is usually at their end of the playing field. The objective, is for the team to capture the opposing flag and return it to their base. The game is over once a team has captured the flag and eliminated all opposing players.
  • Center Flag: One flag is placed in the center of the field. The object of the game is for the team to capture the flag and take to the required base. There are two options for the base. Either the team is required to get the flag to their base or push the flag to the opposing base.
  • Beat the Buzzer: One game that San Diego Paintball Park offers that many other fields do not is our signature game using a scoring system and multiple buzzers. These buzzers are placed on the field and the goal is to hit the buzzer button and reach the high score before the other team does. Usually we play where the first team to hit the buzzer 4 times is the victor.

What types of Groups Enjoy Paintball? 

Paintball is a great option anytime you need an activity for a larger group or even a small group. Following, are a few examples:

  • Birthday Parties: Paintball is a great idea for birthday parties. This is especially true for the younger ages. Look for an indoor facility that specializes in low impact paintballs like San Diego Paintball Park. These make the impact almost painless. This allows the younger kids to enjoy the game without fear of being hurt. It also, allows kids to be active and get their energy out while you socialize with other parents. Adults have birthday parties too. Paintball is enjoyed by people well into their 60s. Heck we even had a group from a retirement community book a party last year.
  • Corporate Team Building: Paintball is perfect for team building. The entire session requires communication and trust in others. In addition, it requires teams to work together in order to create a strategy to win the game. We have done parties for organizations of all sizes ranging from enterprise companies like Qualcomm. All the way down to a local garage door repair company with 8 employees.
  • Church Groups: Church leaders are always searching for a “clean” activity for their youth. Paintball is just that, good clean fun. It promotes friendship and communication. It is an activity that everyone can get involved and enjoy.

Paintball is an easy and active way to have a good time. Whether you are looking for a pickup game, night out or any other group function, paintball can accommodate you. If you are looking for an indoor and low impact option, contact us to make a reservation today.