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Tips for Holiday Shopping in San Diego

It’s almost December – how will I do my holiday shopping without anxiety!

Here are some of my favorite tips for easing the holiday shopping:

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  • Have a detailed gift list ready (and stick to it) and know which stores you need to visit so you can get through your shopping list quickly. Use the internet to get gift ideas ahead of time so you don’t waste time making a decision in the store.

  • Real Simple magazine suggests: “Before you leave the house, download the free apps offered by your favorite retailers, or check out their websites for announcements, coupons, and the latest information on sales. Smartphone users can use the no-cost app ScanLife to scan a product’s barcode and find out which local or online establishment has the best price.”

  • Don’t circle the parking lot for a better spot once you find one. According to MarketWatch, “research shows that picking one of the first spots you see, and simply walking to the store from there, is, over the long term, typically more time efficient.”

  • Good Housekeeping Seal star RetailMeNot's shopping and trends expert Sara Skirboll says: “When there's a storewide sale, what's by the doors has most likely already been picked over. You'll find more options in the back, since shoppers tend to go there last or skip it altogether."

  • Quartz contributor Rosy Spinks suggests that we embrace the “stocking-only” Christmas for many of our family members. Assemble a special stocking with a few small fun and practical gifts. “There is still the fun of opening presents…—but none of the capitalist hangover that accompanies getting a bunch of stuff you don’t actually need.”

  • Let your children enjoy a special day while you shop. Bring your kids and some of their friends to play low-impact paintball indoors at San Diego Paintball Park. You must assign one parent to stay with the kids while they play (children under 18 need an adult on site), but maybe your neighbor or spouse can be the “designated adult” this week and you can stay the following week while your neighbor shops. Happy parents and happy kids!

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