The History of Paintball and Why it is Still Loved Today

"Paintball sales are expected to reach the $1 billion mark within a few years," quotes this source. Paintball was a game developed in the 1980s and soon became popular worldwide. With its ever-increasing popularity, many new facets of the game are being continually added and expanded upon to make it even more enjoyable and popular among mainstream America and worldwide. 

The History

According to this source, the game was first played in 1981 by three friends: Charles Gaines was the author of the bodybuilding classic: Pumping Iron; Hayes Noel, a New York stockbroker; and Robert Gurnsey, a ski shop owner. They got the idea to create this game from an advertisement of a similar product created by Charles Nelson. Nelson blasted paint pellets at steers for marking purposes, which then sparked the idea for the three friends to play the first game of paintball.

The three titled it as a type of survival game and gathered 9 friends. The 12 men then played a game of Capture the Flag on a 100-acre lot of New Hampshire Woods in June of 1981. A corporation was then formed, the National Survival Game, Inc., which in turn made the game tremendously popular. It is estimated that by 1989, 75,000 people were taking part in Paintball games around the United States on weekends. The epidemic did not stop here, however. It spread to Canada, Europe, Australia, and beyond!

How It's Made

Typically, the manufacturing process was farmed out to Pharmaceutical companies who were already utilizing these manufacturing capabilities in their other products. These pharmaceutical companies were producing 3 billion paintballs a year by the end of 1999.

The paint used in producing these pellets is soluble in water, thus making the clean up process easy should the paint encounter the players clothes or skin. It is also non-toxic in case the player should be hit in the mouth and ingests some of the paint, it will not cause harm. The paint is then encapsulated in a gelatin form used in many vitamins such as Vitamin E according to this source.

Why We Still Love It

It's very clear to see that the love for playing the game paintball has not waned in any way. "Paintball participants are spending about $111/year on their gear and supplies – which ranks the sport among the highest in the area of per participant spending." Falling just 3rd place in sports apparel sales behind baseball and basketball, but above soccer and football, paintball apparel is increasingly popular. Quote and statistic are found here.

Once again, paintball is not going anywhere any time fast. With its growth in popularity and ever-increasing safety standards, it is sure to be around for a good, long while. If you are from the San Diego area, be sure to check out San Diego Paintball Park for the best paintball experience offered in the area.

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