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The Best Birthday Party In San Diego For Kids🎂 — San Diego Paintball Park

Are you planning a birthday party for your child in San Diego and want to throw them a party to remember? Think back to your favorite party as a child. Was it at a pool? An amusement park? Perhaps it was something simple with a few friends. Or maybe it was something extravagant your parents surprised you with. Regardless of what the experience was that created those treasured memories, you want to provide the same experience for your child too—a birthday party to remember.

At San Diego Paintball Park we love offering a place for children to have safe, fun birthday parties they and their friends will talk about for years to come. What makes birthday parties at San Diego Paintball Park so special? First of all, a paintball party is a unique experience as well as a right of passage. It's not something kids get to do on a regular basis and it's something they hear about and are eager to try. Paintball parties are also a lot safer than you might think and definitely safer than some of the alternatives for birthday parties in the area. At San Diego Paintball Park, we offer low impact paintball which doesn't hurt like regular paintball does. And lastly, our parties are convenient for everyone involved. We do our best to provide you with everything you need and leave your child with an experience to remember.

Unique Experience

When you plan a paintball birthday party for your child, you are providing them with a memory for years to come. Paintball has become a right of passage in a way. We find many of our customers between the ages 8 and 12 have heard about paintball at school from their peers, are excited to try it out, and haven't had the opportunity to play before. Playing paintball isn't something most children get to do on a regular basis so a paintball party is very exciting. Not to mention, the birthday boy or girl gets all the fanfare from their friends who are equally excited to try out paintball for the first time and get to do so at your child's birthday party.

San Diego Paintball Park has been rated #1 on Yelp for the last five years and there is a reason why. We provide a safe and fun experience for each group that plays here. Some paintball arenas are outside which doesn't provide a great atmosphere for a birthday party. Children are rolling around in the dirt while parents are waiting out in the heat. Then when it's time to celebrate there is little shelter from the elements, whether that is the sun, wind, or heat. Or if there is shelter you have to trek a quarter mile to get to it.

But at San Diego Paintball Park, we have an indoor, climate controlled facility that is perfect for both spectators and players. No trek to shelter and no eating cake out in the heat. Our indoor obstacles in the arena are created for maximum fun, discovery, adventure, and thrill. And we help structure the play to maximize the fun during the time spent here. It won't just be a free-for-all for two hours. We help our birthday parties organize a variety of exciting games so they can practice different skills, have varying objectives, and just have a blast! Some of the games our groups can do are:

  • Capture the Flag: A game where the group is split into teams and the opposing teams are trying to capture a flag belonging to, and being guarded by, the other team. Perhaps you remember playing this game yourself as a child, but imagine it taken to a whole new level with paintball guns involved!
  • Elimination: This classic version of paintball is simply every man for himself, trying to get your opponents out by shooting them with a paintball. If you get shot, you're out! The last person standing wins.
  • Protect the President: Assign the birthday child with the special role as president while some children try to defend them while others try to attack them. This game lets their imaginations roam and allows suspense to build as players try to protect or take out the president.
  • And so many more!

Clearly, when you have your child's birthday party at San Diego Paintball Park you are giving them the best gift—the paintball experience itself. Not only will they remember it for years to come but it will mark an important right of passage for the child or their friends if it is their first time playing paintball.

Low Impact Play is Safe!

Now for parents who may have played paintball back in the day and are hesitant to let their children play paintball for fear of having them come home covered in painful welts–fear no more. You may have memories of coming home from a paintball party with red welts on your stomach, back, or anywhere else that you were unfortunate enough to get hit. But the way we play paintball here at San Diego Paintball Park is low impact for those who want it. What does this mean?

We use smaller caliber paintballs than standard paintball facilities would provide. This means the paintballs themselves are smaller and they also move at a slower velocity than standard caliber. We use .50 caliber paintballs instead of the standard .68 caliber paintballs. This means even when your child and their friends get smacked with a paintball, it won't hurt and leave a big welt. There is 75% lower impact on the player. Low impact paintball allows for all of the fun of playing paintball and none of the pain. This method is perfect for beginners and children because they don't have to be afraid of getting hit and can focus on having fun instead of any fear that might be holding them back. We do offer higher impact paintball for anyone age 10 and up, but the low impact version is the perfect alternative for your child's San Diego birthday party. Typically the higher impact paintballs we only recommend for players who use their own gear. They will never mix with rental players who are playing low impact paintball however.

In addition, when your party shows up, our staff makes sure each participant goes through our safety briefing. Participants learn about the equipment, the rules, and we make sure everyone is ready to have a great time and be safe. Protective equipment for each player includes goggles and chest protectors can be rented for an additional cost.

We also recommend that each player comes to the party wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. If children are worried about getting hit, they can make sure to wear long pants and long sleeves for that extra layer of protection. And you won't have to worry about the paint staining any of your children's clothes because we use water based paintballs with no actual paint in them. As long as the clothes are washed within a few days of the paintball party they will clean off easily!

Our method of low impact paintball with our safety training is perfect for beginners and children because it is less intimidating and safer. More than 15 million people play paintball around the world each year. This thrilling sport becomes more and more popular each year. And regulations on masks, barrel plugs, and paintball gun velocities make it safer than other sports.

Consider your alternatives. Other children's birthday parties in the area include the trampoline park, go-karting, or having an airsoft gun party. All of these alternatives have higher risks than low impact paintball. Even when your children are playing in a local football league they are more likely to go to the doctor with an injury than from a paintball experience. When we look at the numbers, we see than 1 in 33 people who play football have to see a doctor with an injury, compared to 1 in 4,000 people that play paintball.

Kids Paintball Birthday Low Impact Paintball

Convenient for Everyone

At San Diego Paintball Park, we do a ton of birthdays. That means we know how to do it right and provide you with the best experience possible. We make parties convenient and cost-effective for everyone. We offer affordable birthday package pricing that starts at six players for $204. This brings the cost to $34 per person—a great deal considering what is included and even compared to pricing for individuals which starts at $49 per player. And if you find a better deal out there, we will price match!

The party will last two to three hours, depending on how much downtime you take for treats and how much the children want to play. The birthday package price includes six rental googles, six rental markers (paintball guns) and over 1,500 paintballs. And if your child's group is more than six people, it's only $39 for each additional player. Or if you have less than six people, we have other packages available priced per person.

Another way we make your party a success is by offering clean picnic tables for your players to take a break and enjoy treats to celebrate the birthday boy or girl. While we do have our own food available for purchase here, we allow you to bring cake, cupcakes, or donuts for no charge. You are also allowed to bring outside drinks that are non-alcoholic and individually bottled. We do not allow 2 liters, cans, or cups for the safety of everyone. If there are adults in your group that want to enjoy alcoholic beverages, we are conveniently located right next door to Societe Brewing Company that has an awesome tap room.

If you want to bring other outside food for your party you are welcome to, although we do charge a $15 fee for outside food. Or if you want to check out the food we have available, we have amazing calzones, pizzas, salads, wings, and more; that we order through a local business partner. Some of the delicious items on the menu are a Stromboli New York Roll with lots of meat, peppers, onions, and cheese and the House Pie with spinach, pepperoni, bacon, garlic, and feta cheese. Check out the full menu here. We order over 400 of these tasty pizzas a month for our customers!

If you have any questions about how we can make your party a greater success, please ask! Our staff loves helping out with birthday parties and providing kids with the amazing opportunity to play paintball.

Come Party with Us

Yelp reviews and our customers all agree that San Diego Paintball Park is the best place in San Diego for a children's birthday party. Anything comparable is going to be about 40 minutes away for most San Diegans but we are conveniently located and ready to help your kids birthday party be a huge success. We provide a unique experience—which for many children is a right of passage. Our supervised play provides opportunities for different games like Capture the Flag, Protect the President, and more!

Also, our parties are safer than many of the alternatives. Our low impact method makes it the perfect party for children and beginners. Lower caliber paintballs (.50 caliber) make it so that the impact is 75% less on the player, taking away the intimidation factor for beginners. Or if the children in your party are over 10 years old and they want the full experience of higher caliber paintball, we can offer that too!

Plus, San Diego Paintball Park offers all the conveniences you need to make the party a success. Our birthday party pricing can't be beaten. And you can bring birthday treats and drinks for no extra cost, pay a small fee to bring in your own food, or access our delicious pizzas and other Italian foods. Enjoy all this at clean reserved picnic tables.

If your child would be thrilled to have a paintball birthday party and you want to give them a birthday party to remember, find out more about scheduling a birthday party at San Diego Paintball Park by contacting us today. Experiencing the world of paintball with a group of their closest friends will be the birthday party your child will remember for the rest of their lives. 

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