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That Paintball Birthday Party was Awesome – I Want to Play More Paintball!

“This weekend I was at the best birthday party ever! My friend had his birthday party at the local paintball park and I still can’t believe how much fun it was. I love to play paintball – how can I get more involved?”

Paintball field managers hear this a lot. We know that paintball is a fantastic game that appeals to all ages. Millions of people all over the world love to play paintball. Here are some ideas for how you can play more often and get more involved in the game:

  1. Look for weekday specials so that you keep the cost down. During the school year, weekdays are slower at the paintball field, so they periodically run weekday specials. Outdoor fields may not be open during the week, but indoor fields are usually open after school and in the evening.
  2. Take advantage of group rates. Put together a group of friends from your neighborhood or school to play paintball on a weekend. Or, make it a family affair with your parents, siblings, cousins. Play once or twice a month as a group to keep up your paintball skills.
  3. Attend summer paintball camp where you can get intensive instruction to develop your paintball strategy and skills. Spend a couple of weeks in the summer doing something you are passionate about! Ask your local field what summer camps are available. Check to see if your local paintball field offers winter or spring camp during school breaks.
  4. Join a paintball team. Check with your local field to see if they know of a team that needs extra players or is holding try-outs. Some fields even sponsor teams in various skill divisions. As part of a team you can play in field-sponsored tournaments or even play in regional tournaments sponsored by a national paintball organization.

    Practice is what makes you a better player, so just getting out as often as possible is the best thing you can do. Congratulations on finding an activity you love – now let’s go play!

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