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San Diego Paintball Blog

I Want to Play Paintball… How Long Will It Take?

Curious about the amount of time the average paintball session lasts? These are both great questions so let’s go over some timing topics. The ...

Low Impact Paintball Tips and Strategies for Beginners

paintball tips
Paintball Tips and Strategies for Beginners   Low-impact paintball is just as tactically tricky as full-impact paintball: the balls are moving ...

Fun Things to Do in San Diego for the Weekend

san diego weekend fun
A trip to San Diego for the weekend is sure to captivate the interest of anyone you bring along. By reviewing a selection of the exciting things t...

Gaggle of Grownups Who Just Want to Have Fun? 8 Great Things to Do in San Diego

grown up fun in San Diego
Did you read the title and wonder, “just what is a gaggle?” A gaggle refers to a flock of geese or a group of noisy people. Did you see the movie ...

3 Easy Ways to Save Money When Playing Paintball

save on paintball
We all know that everyone wants the absolute best pricing possible no matter if you are at a coffee shop buying a coffee or if your setting up a...