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San Diego Paintball Blog

I Want to Play Paintballā€¦ How Long Will It Take?

Curious about the amount of time the average paintball session lasts? These are both great questions so letā€™s go over some timing topics. The ...

Low Impact Paintball Tips and Strategies for Beginners

paintball tips
Paintball Tips and Strategies for Beginners Ā  Low-impact paintballĀ is just as tactically tricky as full-impact paintball: the balls are moving ...

Fun Things to Do in San Diego for the Weekend

san diego weekend fun
A trip to San Diego for the weekend is sure to captivate the interest of anyone you bring along. By reviewing a selection of the exciting things t...

Gaggle of Grownups Who Just Want to Have Fun? 8 Great Things to Do in San Diego

grown up fun in San Diego
Did you read the title and wonder, ā€œjust what is a gaggle?ā€ A gaggle refers to a flock of geese or a group of noisy people. Did you see the movie ...

3 Easy Ways to Save Money When Playing Paintball

save on paintball
We all know that everyone wants the absolute best pricing possible no matter if you are at a coffee shop buying a coffee or if your setting up a...