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Spectator Policy at San Diego Paintball Park

At San Diego Paintball Park our goal is to help your group have the best experience possible.

We understand that some groups may need to include a few spectators to provide adult supervision for younger players. However, we kindly ask that you limit the number of spectators that you bring to the paintball field in order to enhance the experience for everyone.

Photo by Ekansh Saxena on Unsplash

The Staging Area is for players to prepare for play, to rest between games, and for food service. A limited number of spectators can be in the staging area with the players.

For the best experience, we suggest you have no more than one spectator per player. If you expect more spectators, please call us in advance so we can accommodate them. We have extra space for spectators in our outdoor seating area which is ideal for families to spread out.

The lobby and staging areas include monitors where we live stream the action on the field. Some staging areas include large viewing windows for watching the arena activity. If you have a large number of spectators, you can rotate in a few at a time to watch from the staging area.

Let us help you plan a memorable group paintball event – call us today to discuss your options!