Six reasons why Low Impact Paintball is the Perfect introduction to Paintball

Paintball is an exciting sport filled with action and strategy. In this game, you must hunt down your opponent and form a plan to win the day. Paintball is an incredible sport, but many people are intimidated by this game. Thos looking for an introduction to paintball should try low impact paintball. There are many reasons why low impact paintball is the perfect event for you. 

  1. Get up to speed: Paintball is an incredibly fast-paced event. Paint flies across the battlefield at incredible speeds. Players have to duck and dodge, running around the battlefield at top speed. Learning the speed of the game is incredibly difficult. Low impact paintball offers players the opportunity to catch up. Low impact paintball features slower projectiles than those used in traditional paintball. These paintballs are easier to dodge. Playing the game at a lower speed means that children and people with slow reflexes can enjoy the game. 
  2. Less pain: Getting hit with a paintball is painful. After participating in a paintball match, your body will be covered in sores. If you already love paintball, then you might not mind the pain. If you are thinking about playing the game, then you probably want to avoid the sores. Low impact paintball features smaller paintballs, which are less painful when you get hit. Low impact paintball is a fantastic introduction to the game for those that wish to avoid pain. 
  3. Easy to use equipment: Confusing equipment can hinder your enjoyment of paintball. Fortunately, low impact paintball offers extremely easy to use equipment. With easy to use equipment, you can jump right into the sport. Easy to use equipment makes low impact paintball an easy to play sport. 
  4. Easier to shoot: Smaller projectiles reduce pain, but they are also easy to shoot. The science behind shooting a smaller projectile is relatively straightforward. When you fire a paintball, the gun produces energy to push the ball toward the target. Large paintballs require a great deal of energy in comparison to small paintball. Because low impact paintball guns expend less energy when shot there is less recoil. When firing multiple shots, this decrease in recoil allows the shooter to remain accurate  With low impact paintball, you are sure to stay on target. 
  5. Start early: Traditional paintball has a strict age limit. Children must be ten years old before they can participate in paintball. This age limit is extremely frustrating for younger children. If your young child wants to play paintball, then low impact paintball is an excellent option. Low impact paintball has a low age limit, at around six years old. This lower age limit allows kids to experience the sport of paintball. Take your children to play low impact paintball, and they will have the time of their lives. 
  6. Easy Clean up: Clean up is a big factor for paintball players. Low impact paintball uses smaller projectiles, which contain less paint. The balls are fired at a lower speed, which causes less splatter. Because there will be less splatter and less paint, cleaning up after a low impact paintball match is much easier. Usually, you can clean up in thirty minutes. People who want an easy clean up should choose low impact paintball. 

Low Impact Paintball is an excellent choice for those that are trying to learn the game. So why isn't low impact paintball common? Unfortunately, many fields do not offer low impact paintball. If you are searching for the perfect place to play low impact paintball, then you should contact us today. We will help you learn more about this fantastic game so that you can enjoy the action and excitement of paintball.