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Is a Private Paintball Party Right for My Group?

What is the difference between a normal paintball party and a private paintball party at San Diego Paintball Park? Which one is a good fit for my group?

paintball private party

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

Here are the basic facts about the normal paintball party:

  • Players in your group will be mixed into teams with other players that are not part of your group, but who have come to play at the same time of day. You should expect to play with a few people who did not come with your group. This actually makes it more fun because paintball challenges you to strategize and communicate with everyone on the team.
  • Players in your group will play with others of the same experience level, but that does not necessarily mean they will be the same age. Adults with little experience may be on the same team as a child with little experience. Our referees assign players to teams in a way that keeps the teams as fair and safe as possible. And, all rental players use the same equipment.
  • Games are much more fun if there is an optimal number of players, so our referees mix players from two or more groups to keep it exciting. If you arrived with a very small group, you will have more fun if the referees add more people so that you have two good-sized teams.

Facts about a private paintball party:

  • Players in your group will play separately from other players who come to play at the same time of day.
  • To be eligible for a private party, your group must have at least 10 players.
  • Your group gets an extra 500 paintballs to split among the players.
  • There is a $99 extra charge for a private party.

Let us help you plan a memorable group paintball event – call us today to discuss your options!