Plan the Best Teen Birthday Party in San Diego

Now that your child is a tween or teen, planning an awesome birthday party with them is not so simple.
At this age, your teen will want their personality and preferences to show in the party choice. And, they’ll appreciate it if Mom and Dad can stay on the sidelines after the planning is done.

We have the perfect solution – plan a low-impact teen paintball party at San Diego Paintball Park!

A paintball birthday party will especially appeal to any teen who is sports-oriented or a video gamer. Plus, the referees at San Diego Paintball Park will organize the group and ensure everyone has a great time.

Why low-impact paintball is a great party idea for tweens and teens:

  • Paintball games are a fun virtual reality experience where kids can be active and work off their energy
  • It is similar to a multi-player gaming experience in which the player becomes an essential part of a virtual world and makes alliances with other players to reach a common goal
  • Choosing the low-impact version of paintball makes it a less intimidating activity to play with friends and relatives of all ages
  • Our games are played in a safe, structured environment facilitated by professional referees who teach the teams a variety of games

    Advantages of celebrating at San Diego Paintball Park:

    • Centrally located – Our easy-to-find Kearny Mesa location is situated between the CA-163 and the I-805 freeways off Clairemont Mesa Boulevard.
    • Indoor facility – Being an indoor paintball facility is a HUGE advantage when it comes to planning a birthday party.
      • Weather will never affect your experience. Even though San Diego is known to have the best weather in the country, we do occasionally experience flash rain, killer heat, and cold windy conditions that would kill an outdoor experience.
      • Gameplay is much more concentrated. You’ll spend much more time actually playing paintball and less time walking to and from the course. At an outdoor park you may have to walk a quarter mile to and from the field. At our indoor facility the walk from check-in to the field is less than 50 feet!
    • Low impact paintballs – Your group will enjoy the fact that they can shoot each other up without worrying about injury or hurting anyone’s feelings. Standard paintball, although fun, can bring out the worst in some groups. Paintball is an awesome game, but when you are the one getting “lit up” the fun can fade. With our low-impact paintballs there still is a sting to the hit, but it is much more bearable for all players.
    • Best for beginners – Check out why we are the best facility for first-time players.
    • Food options – Every teen birthday party needs food and we have several food options for you. 

    Let us help you plan a memorable birthday for your teen – it could become a new family tradition!