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Plan the Best Team Building Activity in San Diego

Do you want help planning the best corporate team building event ever?

Learn the secret to a fun event that also meets all the objectives of an effective team building exercise.

Keep reading to see how low-impact paintball will make your employees glad that YOU planned the corporate team builder this year!

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What makes an effective team building activity?

  • Assigns employees to a group so they feel like a team
  • Provides employees with a common goal within the activity
  • Establishes rules and guidelines for the team to follow
  • Provides opportunities for working with different people
  • Encourages shared problem-solving and idea generation
  • Nurtures the development of good communication
  • Provides an opportunity for employees to take a lead role
  • Includes challenging modifications
  • Provides a way to celebrate achievement

Every one of those objectives is met by a few hours of low-impact paintball facilitated by a team of well-trained referees at a professional facility.

Why is low-impact paintball the perfect choice?

  • If you play at a professional facility that provides proper supervision, low-impact paintball should not be intimidating. Your group will enjoy the fact that they can target each other without worrying about injury or hurting anyone’s feelings. Standard paintball, although fun, can bring out the worst in some groups. It’s always fun to shoot other players, but when you are the one getting “lit up” the fun can fade.
  • The 50 caliber paintballs are much smaller than standard paintballs and are designed to splatter more softly. The result is, that if you are hit by a low-impact paintball, it is significantly less painful than being hit by a standard paintball. It is similar to being snapped by a rubber band. 
  • Low-impact paintball makes the game more fun and less intimidating for all of your employees. Even so, low-impact does not mean it’s a “kiddie game.” It is a physical activity (although not a contact sport) with strategy and problem solving. The mind must be on high alert, taking in all the action and strategizing a game plan.

 What are the advantages of playing at San Diego Paintball Park?

  • San Diego Paintball Park specializes in low-impact paintball.
  • San Diego Paintball Park is centrally located just off the 163 freeway, so it is likely within 15-30 minutes of your business. Because you won’t spend all day driving to and from a remote outdoor paintball location, you’ll have more time for the actual team building activities.
  • The indoor arena is unaffected by the weather, so you don’t have to worry about rain or heat ruining your event. The playing space is surrounded by large bay doors that are opened to provide a pleasant cross-breeze during games. Games are played on artificial turf, in well-lit fields, and with pro-style bunkers of various shapes. 
  • Discounted group rates are available for any size event.
  • Food options are available for bringing in outside food and ordering food from the facility. Next door you can enjoy post-game refreshments at Societé Brewery.

What are some team building games that work well for a corporate event?

  • Elimination – This is generally the first game because the rules are simple, yet it gives each team a common goal and challenges their ability to communicate. Players are aligned into two teams and try to eliminate every player on the opposing team. This simple game eases players out of their comfort zone to participate.
  • Capture the Flag – This is the most-requested game. A flag is in the center of the field and the goal is for the team to help one another make their way to the flag, pick it up, and return it to the starting gate. Two teams use teamwork and develop strategies to achieve a shared purpose. Players who are shot have the opportunity to return to the game.
  • Protect the President – This game has more complexity which requires the team to delegate rolls and use more teamwork. Each team secretly selects a player to be the “president” who is to be protected at all costs by the “body guards.” Team members generally move in pairs or triples to avoid giving away who is the president. A time constraint is used to keep the president moving forward through the field. Guards who are shot may visit the “medic area” and then return to the field.
  • Buzzer Beater – This time-sensitive game challenges each team to earn the most points in a set time period. Each team develops their own strategy to coordinate moving players forward to repeatedly press a buzzer button that is in the center of the field. Success in this game often requires good non-verbal communication on the field between players. Players who are shot have the opportunity to return to the game.
  • Infected – Trust is key to this popular team building game. It challenges every player to welcome new members on their team and to accept switching to a different team. As play progresses, a player who is hit becomes a member of the opposite team. Sometimes players change teams so often that it is only by seeing in what direction they are currently moving that you can tell what team a player is on.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to WOW your colleagues with a memorable day of fun!
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