Paintball: A Fun Way to Nail Your New Year's Resolutions to the Wall!

With each New Year comes a lot of old, familiar resolutions. If you want to lose weight, get in better shape, spend more time with friends, learn something new, let go of work stress, enjoy more family activities, or all of the above, guess what? You're in good company, as these are among the top New Year Resolutions - every year. 

And if you're an efficiency expert, here's some great news: One session of paintball can help you meet several of those resolutions - in a matter of just an hour or two! 

Can I Lose Weight with Paintball?

Paintball - even low-impact paintball - is a great cardio/strength training option. Running, ducking, dodging, squatting, taking aim, and laughing (because you willlaugh!) are all part of playing paintball. Some calorie-counters have decided a good game burns upwards of 400 calories per hour

What's even better is that paintball is anything but monotonous. Just ask an exercise guru and they'll tell you that the secret to sticking with any exercise program is to find something you enjoy doing. 

It may not be practical to play an hour of paintball four or five days a week, but working it into your activity routine will help you stay motivated and - let's face it - you'll never consider it "routine."

Learn a New Game, Enhance Your Skills

If you've never played paintball, join the club. We love meeting people who are a little surprised at finding themselves suiting up for a game in which the goal is shooting little paintball pellets at their friends. 

While gaining the coordination to be good at paintball takes a little bit of practice, there's no doubt that there's a lot of fun to be had in learning. We know it's tempting say of paintball, "what kind of skill is that?" But hear us out: the physical activity paintball requires, coupled with the tactics, strategies, and mental agility, make it a truly whole-body exercise. 

We hear from a lot of athletes that they enjoy a paintball day out with their teammates and friends. The fact is, playing paintball helps hone skills used in many other sports. 

Sure, you can check off your "learn something new" resolution by sitting down and playing bridge, or asking your kid to tutor you in the ways of PlayStation. But when you learn how to play a good game of paintball, you'll show that resolution who's boss! 

Your Friends Need Good Reason to Put You On Their Schedule

Spending more (quality) time with friends and family is among the top resolutions every year. And we'll agree, it's a very worthy goal. From movies and museums to hiking and restaurant-hopping, there are many ways to make new memories with friends and family in San Diego.   

Playing paintball with your favorite peeps, however, is a unique experience, and one that makes for colorful, vibrant memories. (Pun intended!) 

How many times each year do you think you say (or hear someone say) "Let's do lunch," or "we should get together for a drink?" 

The fact is, we're a busy bunch, and making time for each other isn't easy. Whether it's team-building for your office mates or a long-overdue girls' night out, making a reservation for paintball will surely get everyone's attention. So be that guy. Be the one who gives everyone the motivation they need to get together. "I can do drinks with my friends another time," they might think. But paintball? They'll move mountains to meet you there. 

For a Good Time, Call...

If you've already nailed all your resolutions, congratulations. You're a truly unusual and impressive person! Or, you're just kidding yourself. If you'd like to make good on some of those plans to exercise more, hang out with friends and family, and cut loose some of your worries and stress, we've got an idea: Contact us so you can start making good on those promises to yourself.