Low Impact Paintball Tips and Strategies for Beginners

Paintball Tips and Strategies for Beginners


Low-impact paintball is just as tactically tricky as full-impact paintball: the balls are moving at a similar speed but are a smaller size. That’s what makes it so fun and engaging for beginners and younger players. However, you still need to master some very important tips, tactics, and strategies before you begin. These basic guidelines will help you become a master low-impact paintball player. And should you ever decide to go full-speed, these tactics will still be useful!

Carefully Choose Your Shots

Once you’re ready to play, you need to understand how to take carefully choose and take your shots. Don’t simply run into the arena madly shooting paintballs. You will likely quickly run out of paintballs before hitting anybody and will make yourself a sitting duck for opponent players.

Instead, try to find a good angle on an opponent before shooting. Good angles are generally higher in the air, such as on a hill or in a position they can’t reach. Once you’ve got the angle, squeeze off one or two well-aimed shots. Paintball is truly a game of angles; the better the angle you have on your opponent the harder it will be for them to gun battle with you.

When in an unplanned situation, such as an ambush, where you don’t have a good angle, try to run in a zigzag to make yourself harder to hit. A random pattern in which you change the lengths of your zigs and zags will be the most effective. Now, squeeze of a few suppression shots to drive away your opponent and to avoid getting tagged.


Always Look for Cover

Finding great cover is the best way to succeed in paintball. In our specially formatted low impact paintball arena there are plenty of bunkers to hide behind. However, if you’re unable to find anything and you desperately need cover, just fall to the ground and start crawling. And try to keep your face mask down: it’s usually the first thing anyone will see when looking for you.

Learn How to “Flank”

Now, we’ll discuss how to get out of a bad situation: being pinned down. If your opponent has you trapped and won’t let up, flanking is often the only option you have. Basically, you need to split your team into two smaller groups and sneak around the sides of your opponent. Attacking them from two sides breaks their shot focus and makes it harder for them to attack.

As a result, they’re likely to panic and abandon their position quickly. The best way to flank is to crawl, with your gun pointed forward. That way, you can minimize your noise, decrease your visibility, and still give yourself a good shot angle.

Hopefully, these simple tips have given you the impetus to try out our low-impact paintball experience. If you’re interested in getting out on the field and having some fun, please contact us today to make a reservation. Our facility is always in high demand, so make sure to book well in advance to get the time you want.