Kids Paintball Team at SD Paintball

We Provide Your Child a Safe, Fun, and Welcoming Paintball Experience

We understand that paintball is a little intimidating for most parents today. Provided that we have all heard horror stories about frozen paintballs and leaving the experience with huge welts. Let me assure you that these stories you may have heard before in NO WAY reflect the type of experience that you would encounter here at SD Paintball Park. We strive to provide a family friendly environment that is above all safety oriented with a focus on first time and beginner players.

FAQ's About Our Kids Program

This is a great question and probably the most common. We specialize in low impact paintball at our facility. Meaning, we use a special made paintball that is formulated just for our facility that is smaller in size and more brittle than your average paintball. The lower mass of the ball mixed with the more fragile ball makes for a very low impact on the player being shot. We like to say it feels similar to getting snapped by a small rubber band. We offer play to participants as low as 6 years old! The best way to see what it feels like is to experience it yourself.

The kids program takes place every first and last Friday of every month. Since different schools get out at different times we allow you to drop off anytime between 3PM and 4:30PM. The pickup time is 7PM.

We are conveniently located in Kearny Mesa right off of Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Simply click the button below to get custom directions from your current location at any time.

The kids program is meant to be a full introduction into paintball. We will spend time with the kids going over different types of games, how to work on paintball guns, how to properly care for the equipment, game strategies, paintball drills to improve skill, and teamwork. The great thing about the game of paintball is that it provides many skills that can be used outside of the game; such as working well with others, communication skills, and quick decision making.

Absolutely! We welcome all parents to participate in the program with their kids. This can provide you a great bonding experience where you and your child can share a similar interest and you can help encourage them to do something that is engaging, active, and challenging!

The kids program will include water bottles for the participants but no food is provided. We recommend sending the kids with some snacks or potentially feeding them a meal before arrival. Paintball is an active game and they will use quite a bit of energy throughout the program. We do sell drinks and snacks on site for as low as $1. You may also send them with money or pay on arrival for those if you wish.

No. Just show up and have the kids ready to go!

The best part about our kids program is really the overall value you get with everything included. We provide all required gear and paintballs for the program so that you won't run into any unexpected charges during the duration of the program.

The cost is $35 per participant per session

This includes their full paintball gear, unlimited paintballs, supervision until 7PM pickup, and professional instruction.

Full paintball gear includes a paintball marker, goggle system, padded jersey and pants.

Absolutely! Instead of paying $15+ hourly for a babysitter to sit at home with your child they will have the opportunity to have fun, stay active, learn, AND be supervised. And for only $35 for up to 4 hours of supervised activity, I would say that this is a bargain.

Sure! I would be happy to answer your questions regarding the kids program. Please feel free to email us at with any questions you may still have.