I Want to Play Paintball… How Long Will It Take?

Curious about the amount of time the average paintball session lasts?

These are both great questions so let’s go over some timing topics. The average paintball game at San Diego Paintball Park lasts 3-6 minutes. Seems short, but in reality those minutes are action packed with adrenaline pumping paintball action! The thing is that with paintball you actually WANT your games to be shorter rather than longer.


Short Paintball Games are….

  • Better for conserving your ammo! With short games you are able to play paintball using only the optimal amount of paintballs. In those long and drawn out games that you play outdoors you are spending most of your time wasting ammo. 
  • More fun! Spend less time waiting on the sideline watching your friends play paintball. When you get shot in a paintball game you typically wait on the sidelines until the game is over. We have played games outdoors that last 20 minutes! Imagine getting shot in the first 5 minutes of the game and having to stand on the sidelines watching for over 15 minutes!
  • Extra Exciting! With most outdoor games you will play only 1 or 2 games before walking all the way back to the staging area. Since we run our games so much more efficiently than the average paintball facility we are able to get you MORE GAMES, MORE VARIETY, AND MORE EXPERIENCE.


Ok So How Many Games Will I Play?

Another awesome question we get frequently. The answer is pretty simple. We want you to get the most value possible out of your paintball experience here. That’s why we 100% guarantee that you will play more games per hour at our facility than any other park in San Diego!

Some quick facts:

  • Our average player stays for 2-3 hours.
  • Our average player plays roughly 8-15 games per hour.
  • We offer games like elimination, capture the flag, protect the president, buzzer beater, and more!
  • The average player uses 150-300 paintballs per hour.
  • All games are professionally supervised and we offer FREE lessons to all beginners.
  • Our average monthly member saves over $400 on paintball each year!

What If I am Bringing a Group? Do We Need More Time?

Absolutely not! We run our games so efficiently that most of our groups finish playing before their entry has expired! We strive to provide the perfect balance of play time and break time for our groups to ensure that they are able to serve food, celebrate their special event, or just take a water break.