I’m Only 6… Can I Play Paintball?

Kids Paintball: Join the Revolution

So you have a child that wants to try out paintball? Awesome! Now is the absolute best time in the history of paintball to get your child involved in the fastest growing extreme sport in the world. With the evolution of the paintball industry we have come to believe that kids paintball is going to prove to be the largest growth sector for the paintball industry. This demographic of 10 and under kids who were never old enough to play paintball is no longer.


What’s Low Impact Paintball?

Low impact paintball is what we at San Diego Paintball Park specialize in. The smaller sized paintballs weight much less than a standard paintball. This difference in weight and size lowers the impact on the player being shot at. The easiest way that I explain the different of low impact paintball is actually quite funny…  Imagine your friend throws a pebble at you while visiting the beach. It might sting a little but its nothing compared to having a rock the size of a baseball thrown at you. The same is true for paintball vs low impact paintball. And NO, these things do not feel like rocks! That was just an example.

Why Would I Play Low Impact Paintball? Is It Fun?

Low impact paintball is even MORE fun than standard paintball to most players. Long gone are the days of showing up to play paintball and then getting out gunned by some random guy who plays every weekend. At San Diego Paintball Park we offer the worlds first low impact and beginner exclusive paintball experience. What does this mean for you? You are taking part of something special by playing at our park. We are paving the way for future paintball facilities that will be built around this lower impact and lower frustration paintball movement.

Do You Have More Info on Low Impact Paintball?