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Get Your Video Gamer Off the Couch with Paintball

Do you worry that your child is playing too many video games? Children need to play, but it is good to have variety in play.

video game alternative
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash


I think we can all agree that play has some great benefits:

  • Play helps children to create strategies, to make plans, and to learn patience
  • Play develops motor skills and eye-hand coordination
  • Active play develops body movement, strength, flexibility, and co-ordination skills
  • Play helps children learn how to correct mistakes and to feel better after things go wrong
  • Indoor and outdoor play helps to reduce stress 
  • Playing together is great for adults and children 

Active play is important, but it needs to be something your child likes to do. Let’s face it, not every child loves soccer, baseball, softball, or basketball.

Why paintball may be an attractive alternative activity

  • When played in a safe, structured environment, paintball can be a fun virtual reality experience (similar to video games) played with friends or strangers
  • Paintball has similarities to multi-player gaming experiences in which the player becomes an essential part of a virtual world and makes alliances with other players to reach a common goal
  • Paintball is a great activity to do with parents, cousins, and friends
  • Well-supervised paintball games help children think strategically, get exercise in a fun way, and develop social skills

Benefits of playing an active paintball game

Your child will learn social and collaborative skills:

  • Players make new friendships that may lead to other active play with these friends
  • Players learn the necessity of cooperation with other players to achieve game goals
  • Players develop social skills, such as: following rules, playing with others, and taking turns
  • Players have the opportunity for family-bonding and tradition-building
  • Players develop leadership and group skills
  • Players learn about the give-and-take of relationships with their friends. 

Your child will get a physical workout:

  • You may not realize it, but paintball is one of the most physically active games out there. It can give your kids a full body workout like they’ve never had before. 
  • One wonderful thing about paintball is that kids get so caught up in the game action, they don’t even realize how much of a physical workout they’re getting. 
  • It’s like a fun boot camp where all of the continual running, crawling, diving, and shooting strengthens every part of the body.

Your child will learn team strategy skills:

  • It’s important for kids to learn strategy skills because it helps them better solve problems as they turn into adults. 
  • Paintball team games require extensive strategy and similar to being on a real battlefield. As they work together with their team, they continually learn about sharing ideas to reach a specific goal.
  • Your child can relax and reduce stress:
  • Staying home and sitting all day playing video games does little to help mental stress. Paintball helps them relax, let off steam, and fight off stress through physical play. 
  • Paintball requires considerable teamwork, which lets your kids work closely with their peers and make new friendships. It’s the best way to overcome stress while doing something beneficial to the mind and body.

Your child can develop improved self-confidence:

  • If your child suffers from self-confidence issues, paintball can help them be more confident so they can tackle new things in their teen years. In a safe and friendly environment, paintball helps them create their own winning strategies. Once they gain the skills to do this, they can develop self-confidence in other activities.
  • As they master their world, play helps children develop new competencies that lead to enhanced confidence and the resiliency they will need to face future challenges.

With all of these benefits, you really need to bring your child to
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