Gaggle of Grownups Who Just Want to Have Fun? 8 Great Things to Do in San Diego

Gaggle of Grownups Who Just Want to Have Fun? 8 Great Things to Do in San Diego

Paintball With Friends


Did you read the title and wonder, “just what is a gaggle?”

A gaggle refers to a flock of geese or a group of noisy people.

Did you see the movie Grownups and think, “I gotta get together with those guys again?”

Either way, it sounds like you’d like to have some fun. Whether you consider yourself a grownup, empty nester, are recently divorced, have just moved to southern California, or are otherwise looking for some good ways reconnect with longtime friends to spend time with new ones, it’s nice to have a list.

Here, then, are some great things to do in San Diego, ways for you and your friends – new or old – to connect and have fun. Enjoy!

  1. Start your own GrownUp Gourmet Club. The cool thing about this is you get to make your own rules, and you get to eat. What’s not to like, right? You and your friends may decide it’s simplest to make reservations at a different restaurant each month. Or if there are show-offs in your group, you may decide to host a dinner at a different member’s house each month. For a twist, propose a gourmet picnic, complete with pretty tablecloths and real silverware.
  2. Don’t want to celebrate food? That’s cool. How about a hiking club? San Diego has dozens of delightful hiking destinations. A great guide to get started, 60 Hikes within 60 Miles of San Diego, highlights pertinent information you’ll want to know before you go – including how to get to the trailhead, trail surface, elevation, what kind of sun exposure to expect on your hike, and the scenery you’ll enjoy on your way.
  3. Take your best shot! Paintball is not just for kids – and it’s not pain-inducing. Low-impact paintball is a modern take on the sport sometimes maligned as violent or dangerous. Actually, it’s safe, fun, and practically painless. (Unless you go with very competitive types, in which case, your ego may get bruised.)
  4. Go Graveyarding… and see what you can dig up. Not literally, of course. Exploring graveyards (with a respectful interest) is a great way to learn more about your region. Graveyards are great repositories of history (sorry; couldn’t resist) and they offer a variety of delights for a variety of different interests. Photographers love graveyards for their textures and shadows as well as their architecture and horticulture. History buffs, of course, find them fascinating. And for just about everyone, graveyards offer a peaceful place to walk and ponder “deep thoughts.” (OK! That’s it; no more bad puns. At least not in this paragraph.) 
  5. Catch a Grunion Run. Suffice to say this is a mating ritual you have to see to believe.
  6. Why Not Volunteer? If you have ever thought, “I need a hobby,” but are just a little bit wary of making a long-term commitment, volunteering for an annual event might be a good choice for you. Consider how you could help (and enjoy the process) at an event like the San Diego Hot Chocolate 5K (sweet, huh?) or at a Beach Cleanup or other I Love a Clean San Diego event. Volunteer Match can help you find a good fit.
  7. So You Think You Can Dance… maybe you should check into the city’s recreational dance classes. Oh, you mean you really think you can dance? Prove it: try out for the San Diego Civic Dance Company.
  8. Surf’s Up, Dude. If you’ve lived in San D for more than a year and you don’t surf, dude, either get on board or hit the museum. The California Surf Museum. It’s in Oceanside. Look, if you didn’t know about it until now, you should go, like, this week. Unless you’re a cheapskate – in which case, wait until the first Tuesday of next month, when admission is free.

That’s it, a great list of things for grownups to do in San Diego. What are you waiting for? Seriously, what are you waiting for, a coupon or something? Well, we can do that – contact us about current discounts or to find out about group packages.