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Fun Things to Do in San Diego for the Weekend

A trip to San Diego for the weekend is sure to captivate the interest of anyone you bring along. By reviewing a selection of the exciting things to do in San Diego, enjoying your visit to the area will be achievable.

San Diego Skyline Paintball


Fun in the Sun at Over 30 Beaches

There are over 30 beaches to visit in the San Diego area, each of which are open to the general public. For those who are interested more in the scenery than typical beach activities, Sunset Cliffs is an excellent place to watch the sunrise or sunset. Typically free of litter or trash and sparsely crowded, it is perfect for a romantic getaway or photography. If you bring children to this beach be sure to keep a close eye on them as the cliffs are unstable to walk on. A more child friendly beach that is also off the beaten track is Windansea Beach.

Free Fly-Fishing Lessons

Fly-fishing is all the craze these days as it puts an exciting spin on the typical patience and slow reel required for traditional fishing. Free fly fishing lessons are available at the San Diego Flyers Club on Sundays. If you arrive early, equipment rental is also free.

Classic Cars

Enjoy classic cars? Then take the time to check out the Cajon Classic Cruise every Wednesday in El Cajon. There is plenty of food and shopping to accompany the experience and it includes over 400 classic and specialty cars.

A Visit to the Digitally Assisted Balboa Park

Trails can often be a challenging aspect of a vacation because they are not always well-defined in terms of difficulty or climate. This is not the case with Balboa Park. According to San Diego, “To guide visitors along each of the trails, a satellite image-based map has been merged with a series of GPS-documented routes, a significant advancement in park signage designed to highlight topography, incorporating park landmarks to help guide the user and gauge the level of difficulty of the trails. The routes are clearly marked with color coded, numbered signs, which inform users of the distance, degree of difficulty and change of route direction. There are 19 trails that lead from 5 gateways in the Park.” The inherent level of digital interaction here makes a visit to these area quite a unique experience.

Meditation Gardens

Even if you have little experience with meditation, a visit to these gardens in Encinitas will likely release your inner peace. Influential as the place where the autobiography of a Yogi was written, this location is a wonder simply for its altruistic value.

The Embarcadero

The Embarcadero is a relatively new addition to the San Diego area. It is the official port of the city and is a hot spot for hotels, restaurants, docked ships and museums. It is an essential stop along the way for any tourist visiting the area and makes a fun afternoon even for locals. This is likely the most family friendly area to visit in San Diego, as it caters to both adults and children alike.

Low Impact Paintball

A lot of people who may have a potential interest in paintball shy away from the sport because of the high impact. One close range shot and you will probably have a battle scar for at least three weeks. In low impact paintball, the size of the paintballs is reduced. The San Diego Paintball Park specializes in this niche of the sport. To further ensure the enjoyment of customers, only field paint is allowed, which is an extremely brittle paintball designed to reduce impact to the fullest extent. Take the time to contact us at San Diego Paintball Park if you have any questions about our low-impact paintball specialty option.