Five Reasons to Try Paintball For Your Birthday This Year.

10 July 2016

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Five Reasons to Try Paintball For Your Birthday This Year.

Five Reasons to Try Paintball For Your Birthday This Year.

What’s better than your birthday? Playing paintball on your birthday!

We have held literally thousands of paintball birthday parties at this point in our business and we think we offer the best paintball birthday experience ever! Let’s look at some of the reasons why we are the prime spot for your next paintball birthday party.

  1. Convenient Location– Our paintball park is located in Kearny Mesa. Considered to be one of the most accessible and easy to get to areas in San Diego. Check out our location HERE.
  2. Beginner Friendly– We are 100% the most beginner friendly park in San Diego hands down. We specialize in a proven low impact method that offers paintball for beginners without sacrificing any lack of adrenaline.
  3. Pricing– We offer price matching on rental packages to ensure that you are always getting the absolute best value possible.
  4. Memories That Last– We guarantee that this birthday is going to be a memorable one! What could be more memorable than a day of paintball with friends and family?
  5. Friendly & Helpful Staff– We are the #1 Yelp rated paintball experience in San Diego for a reason. Call us today to learn more about our efforts in providing the ideal paintball environment.

What Ages Have Birthdays Here?

We have had birthday parties for 6 year olds and 60 year olds! You heard that right! We like to think that paintball in the right environment is acceptable for anyone willing to accept a little adventure in their life. Try it in the right environment and you will love it! It’s both safe and physical but also proves to be a great mental workout. In paintball you work with a team to accomplish a common goal. Do something exciting, welcoming, and fun for this years birthday!