5 Advantages of Low-Impact Paintball

Low Impact Paintball

Remember when you were a kid, and you played The Game? Some of us called it cops and robbers, and some of us called it war, but it boiled down to the same thing; running around in a yard, field, or playground with your friends, and shooting at each other with finger guns. While fun, the arguments about whether or not someone got shot could lead to fights that ended play for the whole day. Then you upgraded to Nerf guns and water pistols, which was a safe alternative that made it much clearer when someone had and hadn't been hit. You got to have all of the fun, but without the grumbling that came with dueling imaginations.

Just because you're a grown-up now, that doesn't mean you have to give up The Game. However, thanks to advances in technology, you now have a better option than ever before for playing; low-impact paintball. If you've thought about paintball, or tried it before and decided you didn't like it, here are a few reasons you might want to consider its low-impact cousin.

5 Advantages of Low-Impact Paintball

Advantage #1: Less of a Sting

One of the things that discourages a lot of people from trying (or going back to) traditional paintball is that getting shot can sting. Some players compensate for that by wearing padded body armor, or just heavy clothes, but the point is that sort of preparation shouldn't be necessary just to enjoy the game. Worse, padding yourself up can make it hard for you to move quickly, and it can be tough to tell when you actually have been shot (rhino hiding, as some people call it). So, if the idea of being shot with a regular paintball makes you cringe, you'll be pleased to know that low-impact paintball hits with less than 75 percent of the sting. In scientific terms, low-impact rounds hit you with 5 joules of force, versus the 13 joules of force that comes with more traditional paintball shots.

Advantage #2: Fun For All Ages

Traditional paintball is sort of like a roller coaster; you typically have to be a certain age to get on. This can be a problem if you're trying to find something the whole family can do together, since you might have one child who can participate, and another who's too young. Low-impact paintball is also a great outing for birthday parties and other situations where you're going to have a lot of kids in one place, of various sizes and ages, and you want something everyone can play. And, since the impact is smaller, it's more likely that everyone is going to be laughing and smiling, instead of someone sitting down and crying because of the sting.

Advantage #3: Energy and Material Efficiency

Low-impact paintball, in short, uses less material and energy than more traditional, high-impact paintball does. Because the pressure behind the shots is lessened, it means the guns can carry a smaller tank. The rounds are also significantly smaller, which means they weigh less for the same number of shots. All of that combines to give players a paintball gun that won't end up feeling like a lead weight by the end of a game, and which will allow for fast shooting and quick reflexes no matter how many games you decide to try to squeeze into your day.

Advantage #4: Lower Drop Rate

You know how, when you were a kid, your parents always said, "try it, you might like it," when they had some strange food you'd never heard of before? For a lot of people, paintball is like that. They're aware of it, but they've never done it, and they're not sure if it's something they'd really be into. If you're going to invite friends, especially friends in a group, then you might find a significant drop in enthusiasm once the shots start flying when it comes to high-impact paintball. With low-impact games, the drop rate is significantly less, which means that if someone comes to play, they're more likely to play all day instead of trying it, and then deciding they don't like it. The numbers, for those who are curious, is an average of 20 percent drop rate for high-impact, and a 5 to 10 percent drop rate for low-impact.

Advantage #5: Less Mess

The whole idea behind paintball is that it leaves a mark. It stops the argument of, "I shot you," "no you didn't," dead in its tracks when there's a splotch of fresh paint on your shoulder. However, because low-impact paintballs are smaller, it means there's less of a mess when they do score a hit. It's still noticeable, but it isn't like the Hollywood blood pack that can happen when a high-impact paintball hits. Especially if it hits a hard surface, like a face mask.

Less mess means that you have less clean-up to do when the game is over, and there's less of a worry about multiple impacts bleeding together, making you unsure about whether or not that hit was from this game, or the last round that you finished five minutes ago.

These are, of course, just a few great reasons to give low-impact paintball a try. It provides all the fun and positive advantages of traditional paintball, but without so many of the problems that stop so many people from enjoying the sport. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today, and try a round or two for yourself!