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3 Easy Ways to Save Money When Playing Paintball

We all know that everyone wants the absolute best pricing possible no matter if you are at a coffee shop buying a coffee or if your setting up a group outing at our paintball park. No matter what we do we always need the best deal possible. Below are OUR top 3 tips and tricks to try to get the best value out of your paintball experience in San Diego.

1- ALWAYS try to have a group come in larger than 5 players. For most paintball parks 6 players is the average group size and you can use the added buying power of your group to your advantage when negotiating a better price for paintball. When you come to play paintball with a smaller group there are a few downsides but the biggest one is that you have less negotiating power when it comes to pricing. We are a business that runs mostly off referrals since our customers almost always have a great experience with us. We rely on our customers to spread the great word of paintball with others so that we can help to grow not only our business but also the game of paintball in general. *Give us a call if you have a group of 6 or more for a 10% discount off our rental package when you mention this post*.

Paintball Groups San Diego


2- Sometimes use social media and your social influence to negotiate better pricing with the staff. We live in a social media driven age where the amount of followers you have online may help you negotiate better pricing wherever you choose to do business. For example, we have had players come in with literally thousands of online followers who we give special pricing to because we understand that any positive feedback we receive by these chosen customers is more likely to be seen, understood, and trusted by their large social network. It truly is the negotiating tactic of the millennial generation. We appreciate that our customers are nice enough to post about us on their personal profiles and we see the value in that. So if you are an avid poster of all things awesome then come on in and we can give you some credit for all those selfies!

Paintball Social Media


3- NEVER be a jerk! It really is that simple. We have literally thousands of customer interactions every week some more memorable then others and that is not necessarily a good thing. We want all of our customers to have an awesome experience with us and work EXTREMELY hard to preserve an awesome customer experience. When people just ask for a discount just to ask it devalues the hard work and dedication it takes to orchestrate our entire operation. We have fair prices on everything that we offer and we stand behind our products and services 100%. Think of that flashy smile you have as a coupon in itself. We work hard to see those smiles and the best way to butter us up before asking for a discount is to show us a few smiles!


Paintball Jerks Meme