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San Diego Paintball Park is the absolute BEST place to play paintball in San Diego. Whether you are hosting a paintball birthday party or a corporate team building event, San Diego Paintball Park can provide you unbeatable service combined with an unbeatable location. Stop driving 45 minutes just to play paintball! We are conveniently located and are an indoor facility that is able to run 24/7 during all weather conditions.

Located In Beautiful San Diego

9570 Distribution Ave, San Diego, CA 92121

Phone: (858) 610-6094



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Other fields like to mix groups together no matter what type of equipment or experience they have. At San Diego Paintball Park we believe that rental players deserve to be treated extra special as we understand that playing paintball may scare most first timers. That’s why we 100% guarantee to never mix rental players with self equipped players.
We are the #1 ranked paintball field in San Diego according to our ratings. Check out some of our favorites HERE.

Why Choose Us?

  • 100% Family Oriented Facility
  • We Specialize in New Players and Rental Groups
  • We Are Conveniently Located For 99% Of San Diegan’s
  • Indoor Facility Operating Under Any Weather
  • Our TRUE Low Impact Experience Is All The Fun Without The Ouch

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San Diego Paintball Park

When it comes to booking a paintball outing with friends, family, or co workers we can truly say that no other facility will offer the same amount of personalized service that we will provide to you. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our most recent customer testimonials by clicking HERE. As you can see our customers love us almost as much as we love them! When it comes to price, convenience, and personalized service nobody even comes close.
Lower Impact 75%
More Convenient 100%
Price Match Guarantee 100%
More Fun! 100%
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